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Stoney Creek, ON – Since its inception, Marz Homes has enjoyed providing quality homes for families across Southwestern Ontario. Much of Marz’s success can be attributed to the man behind the name – Mike (Marzio) Pompeani. Since 1955, Mike has provided a place to call home for thousands of homebuyers. Mike built his first home in Hamilton in 1968, and the original homeowners still enjoy calling it home today. Mike and his award-winning team continue to define the future of housing by recognizing the constantly evolving expectations and lifestyles of new homebuyers.

At Marz Homes, their goal is not just to build homes, but also to create communities where people can interact with their natural surroundings while enjoying all the benefits that a well-designed home has to offer. Marz communities are well known for being unique in both character and nature. Each Marz home is distinguished by a brick engraved with the Marz name on it. The brick represents generations of trade excellence combined with innovative advances in construction technology.

Recent Awards

  • 2016 Finalist - Community Development Award - Canadian Home Builders’ Association National Awards for Housing Excellence
  • 2015 Home Owner Mark of Excellence Gold Winner The Home Owner Mark of Excellence (H.O.M.E.) is a third-party certification program for new home builders who achieve a superior rating for customer satisfaction, as rated by their customers. Customer Insight
  • 2015 People's Choice Award South Coast Village Ontario Home Builders' Association
  • 2015 Building Permit Submission Recognition of Excellence City of Hamilton, Building Division
  • 2014 Home Owner Mark of Excellence Gold Winner The Home Owner Mark of Excellence (H.O.M.E.) is a third-party certification program for new home builders who achieve a superior rating for customer satisfaction, as rated by their customers. Customer Insight
  • 2014 Best Single Family Home - 2500 Square Feet & Over Aquamarine | South Sea Pearl II Hamilton-Halton Home Builders' Association
  • 2014 Best Interior Decorating - Model Home up to 2,000 sq. ft. Azure - The Emerald Ontario Home Builders' Association


Customer Reviews

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By: Idalin
December 2018
I enjoyed the complete process and their is nothing I would change.
By: Francis
December 2018
Everything has been exceptional from day one when we bought our lot to the present time. Only suggestion I would make is to perhaps consider changing electrical contractors. I believe Marz could find a better choice to match the high standards of the other trades they employ to build and warranty their homes.
By: Chika
November 2018
Home owners manual needs to be more informative. I found it to be particularly useless. Some of the home accessories ex light fixtures , plumbing , flooring, cabinet needs to have better selection. Toilets with plastic lever (handle) should never count as an upgrade. Marz home should make the single homes lots bigger than what they are at Azure West. Electrical walk through should come standard whether the buyer is making an electrical upgrade or not. Home buyers/ owners should be informed on who / which individual contracting company that building their home ex . Who the kitchen design company is, who the Bricking, roofing companies are should in case work needs to be done on the house after the warranty is over.
By: Lynette
November 2018
Would change the siding of the house. the heavy winds blew some apart, it was not completed properly. Also, our house and our neighbour's house are the only homes that have the front porch and back porch almost touching. all the other homes have some distance apart...i wonder why?
By: Ghotani
November 2018
Nothing. The service has been spectacular. Jordan was exceptional and professional. We are very grateful and very happy with everything Dan has done. Will continue to tell friends and family
By: Robert
November 2018
Your staff and sales reps have been helpful, informative and very pleasant to deal with
By: Nancy
October 2018
Design centre is excellent 8ncluding layout, choices and design co-ordinates Maria
By: Lydia
October 2018
The fact that they have a conscientious and generous site supervisor. He passes the problem to the people and a lot of times they don't take them seriously and they don't follow through getting tired of putting sames requests. More accountability to the sup site.


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