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Evolution. It’s the process that we go through to grow based on our past experiences. Over the last 10 years Kanvi Homes has evolved our people, our design and our philosophy. We’ve evolved our floor plans, interior design, client service and our construction techniques. Because of this we’ve been rewarded with great clients.

We’ve worked hard to separate ourselves from the crowd, and as we grow we’ve realized that our business really doesn’t follow the typically path that most trek. We focus on areas that many can’t and we do so because we believe it’s needed. We focus on innovation with our internal processes and we invest in the right people to execute plans in all areas of the company. We leverage technology and maximize efficiency whenever we can. It has been demanding, and we’re always happy to hear our clients say we build homes that can’t be matched. For us to build a home we consider that it must be a Kanvi Home first and foremost. The same design philosophies are present on all our homes regardless of size.


This leads to our core philosophy that is to lead in everything we do. Kanvi Homes, live life modern.


Recent Awards

  • 2017 H.O.M.E. Finalist Best Customer Experience
  • 2017 Awards of Excellence in Housing Winner
  • 2017 CHBA Finalist
  • 2016 Awards of Excellence in Housing Winner
  • 2015 Awards of Excellence in Housing Finalist
  • 2012 Awards of Excellence in Housing Finalist
  • 2011 Awards of Excellence in Housing Finalist


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Customer Reviews

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By: Renfred
January 2018
Overall I feel quite confident in my experience with Kanvi throughout my entire first year with them. Kanvi Homes was very receptive to my questions and concerns; and established a plan for most of the unresolved items. I noticed that a few unresolved items were marked resolved in the BuilderTrend website, and some of the contracted trades personnel were less than professional but the staff who had Kanvi uniforms or worked directly under Kanvi homes were always great, kind, and resolved issues quickly. I am mostly still waiting on an exterior door that needs to be replaced, minor hardwood floor fixes, hardwood vents that need to be addressed, and a very cold bonus room where I question the insultion and venting that was not properly connected. I liked receiving communication from Kanvi homes regarding how to prevent indoor condensation and damage to the house, and how they reached out to us at the 1-3 month mark, and again at the 11 month mark. I personally would have liked a check-in at 6 months but this was not absolutely necessary as items on the BuilderTrend website were addressed throughout the year.
By: Herbert
January 2018
Overall we are really happy to have built our dream home with Kanvi. Even when things didn't go quite as expected - Kanvi has jumped to action and have communicated well with us and resolved issues in a timely manner.

The only issues we're having with our new home really are with appliances and things that Kanvi has partners with (Coast Appliances, etc.) and other than that it's minor cosmetics / defects for the most part.
By: James
December 2017
The Kanvi build has by far been the best build process we have ever had. Every stage of the build continued to impress us with exceptional employees in sales, design, construction, management and warranty. It clearly shows how much Kanvi cares about their customers and products through the quality of their build and exemplary customer service. We highly recommend Kanvi to our friends and family and (one day) look forward to building another home with Kanvi.
By: Gary
December 2017
outstanding in followup and completing any issues
By: Shameer
April 2017
I was glad that each area of the house build had a specialist who could accurately and in a timely manner answer my questions
By: Luke
April 2017
My family has had a great experience with Kanvi Homes so far. Any questions or concerns we have had have been dealt with immediately and in a professional manner. We would recommend Kanvi Homes to anyone looking for a well built home with amazing customer service.
By: James
April 2017
Very happy with Kanvi and the Kanvi team. Some of the 3rd party contractors missed the mark which show bad, but otherwise we are very happy. Thank you.
By: Alana
April 2017
We have nothing but good things to say about Kanvi through the whole process. The quality of work is above and beyond what we could have ever expected.
By: Xiao
April 2017
The building quality is excellent from Kanvi homes. Will definitely refer Kanvi to any friends who is in the market of buying a new home.
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