Industry Ambassador Award Category


Outstanding individual who has made a remarkable contribution to improve the perceptions people have of the residential homebuilding industry by demonstrating leadership and initiative in the areas of customer experience. At CustomerInsight, we know the Residential Homebuilding Industry has representatives who embody exceptional customer experiences and in doing so, have profound impact on the entire building community. Ambassadors have the unique ability to interact and engage with the community, be a spokesperson, an opinion leader, community influencer, a disruptor for positive change. We’re looking for those who give back through committing their time or expertise to educate, promote, and lead by example. If you or someone you know is strengthening or influencing how society views our great industry, we want to recognize him/her.

Evaluation Criteria

Do you know anyone who could use some recognition and appreciation for their customer experience work they do? We all know them, the everyday heroes who quietly go about making the world a better place for all of us.

The Industry Ambassador Award was created to celebrate these amazing people!

Everyone is eligible as long as they are a member of their local homebuilding association and submit a 750-word document outlining their efforts, as listed below.

The following evaluation criteria will be used:

  1. Societal impact: In the arenas of advocacy, communication, outreach, policy, and/or public service, the individual has advanced the role, understanding, and recognition of customer experience.
  2. Service to the community: Individual has immeasurably aided the community through their volunteering.
  3. Leadership: By effectively fostering a customer-centric approach working in collaboration with others to positively impact the residential homebuilding industry and perceptions people have of the building community.
  4. Promotion of talent/education: Individual has enriched their company and/or the residential homebuilding field through their excellence in mentoring, increasing diversity, transforming curriculum, and/or creating or fostering collaborative or innovative programs for formal or informal education.


Nominees/registrants will submit directly to CustomerInsight to ensure initial requirements have been met. Once vetted and names removed, CustomerInsight will then email each registrant/nominee submission to the committee who will be tasked to evaluate each submission.


Registration opens June 15th, 2022. 750-word submissions are due no later than October 15th, 2022. Evaluation committee will have 15 days to review and provide scores back to CustomerInsight.