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Let your reputation for quality and customer service speak for itself, through a powerful voice-of-the-customer recognition program, the Home Owner Mark of Excellence (H.O.M.E.)â„¢, provided by CustomerInsightTM This program provides an independent certification that your customer experience meets or exceeds superior industry standards. You can use the H.O.M.E. certification in sales, marketing and social media to demonstrate to potential customers your proven track record for customer satisfaction. What is H.O.M.E.?
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High performing companies understand the importance
of providing unique and innovative strategies to stay close
to their customers.
The H.O.M.E.certification program is a third party endorsement
which highlights those builders who understand their customers
are the core of their business.
How is the certification determined?
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CustomerInsightTM will also provide promotional opportunities for your
company, through sales centre plaques, industry announcements, and our
website for prospective customers that profiles each company reaching
certification status. Visit our H.O.M.E. award winners tab. (with highest scores in their respective category)
will receive special recognition, including awards and prestigious
Gold-Certified Winner Status.
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setting your sights higher?
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The Homeowner Mark of Excellence is available at a premium
‘Platinum’ level status for builders or renovators achieving superior
satisfaction in three areas: Customer, Trades and Employees.
How can you participate in the H.O.M.E. Certification?
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