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I started Unique Home Concepts Inc. in 2004 with just an idea of hiring a few contractors to build a single house, which I lived in, to a few napkin style blueprints that made their way onto a blueprint page to where we are today building 55 homes per year with more care and attention each and every year. As proud as I am about the building growth that we have accomplished, my real pride lies in my team and the culture that we have created together, and that the core values of why I started this company have stayed in place.

Our culture at Unique Home Concepts is one that many businesses conceptualize about on paper but don’t always achieve in reality. We are fortunate to have a team that acts like a family and pride themselves on maintaining that culture on a daily basis. We believe in being transparent with our team and encouraging and implementing their ideas for growth, supporting them in their passions to support our local community, profit sharing them within our company as you would within a traditional family; for Unique’s success is a reflection of our team as a whole. I have been consistently supported by a team of passionate and honorable team members trades, suppliers & mentors and without them this all wouldn’t have been possible.

As an owner it doesn’t get better than that!

Wade Pilat

Recent Awards

  • Regional New Homebuyers' Choice Award 3 years running, 2013, 2014, and 2015!
  • 2015 New Homebuyers' Choice Award - Overall Alberta winner
  • 2015 Home Builder of the Year - Large Volume
  • 2015 Overall Provincial Winner - New Homebuyers' Choice Award
  • Unique Home Concepts was the recipient of the New Homebuyer Choice Award for 2014.
  • 2015 Single Family Home Design - $501,000 - $600,000


Customer Reviews

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By: Kody
April 2018
Professional group of people
By: Christina
February 2018
When Unique moves offices there was a period of time reaching our rep was near impossible and a reply finally came a month later. Other than that, pretty happy with the promptness to help fix things here and there. Chris and Ryan are both super amazing to deal with!
By: Brent
January 2018
By: Ryan
December 2017
Amanda and I had received nothing but the best of reviews from friends of ours who had built with Unique the previous summer to us building our Home. Right from the Start when we had initially met with Jaci through to possession of our home everything went exceptionally well. Working With Jamie throughout the process couldn't of been better. He truly sets unique home concepts apart from the rest as he genuinely cares even as much to come answer some questions I had met Easter Long Weekend. Our build was a bit different as we lived in our current residence in the same yard site as our new home was built so got to meet all the trades as they came through. Was beyond impressed with all the trades, not one of them had two bad words to speak of Unique Home Concepts many even live in Unique Homes. All the trades boasted of how great Unique Home Concepts was to work with, and by far the greatest builder to work with. If we were to start the process over again, we wouldn't change anything about it. Any of our friends that are currently talking of building a new home, we tell them it would be a personal insult if they were to think of any other builder but Unique Home Concepts.
By: Pedro
December 2017
Overall was very good.
By: Phil
October 2017
We have spoken with other customers that have had very good workmanship and experiences. Ours may be a 'one off' where we experienced more than our share of difficulties. Overall the builder has been reasonable to communicate with once communication is established. I would suggest a practice of a quick response when an e-mail is received to say "Got your message, will contact you by xx date" instead of the customer waiting and waiting for a response wondering if the message was received, which was often the case. Overall we are very happy with our home once the issues, some major, were ironed out.
By: Jared
January 2017
"Overall very very happy with our home building experience. Recommend then to everyone we know!
Timelines for warranty repairs could be improved, and contact with the builder could be a bit better. Had to contact the builder about the one year anniversary walk through."
By: Jenny
January 2017
Jordon & Jaci did a very good job looking after issues as they arose. I have already recommended Unique to colleagues who are considering a build. If I build in GP, they would definitely be my first call.
By: Chris
January 2017
In comparison the quality of workmanship is parallel with the majority of the builders. From a service stand point they have an edge over other builders. Over all they were easy to deal with.
By: Angela
January 2017
I appreciate that my builder is willing to work with us on any issues that appear as the house is being lived in and understands that the house can't just look pretty on the day of possession but products used must prove functional as well. If more moves were hassle free more people would do it. My builder has exceeded my expectations.
By: Amber
October 2016
Very positive we would not have any issues building with them again.
By: Kristopher
August 2016
Best home I have ever owned. Extremely impressed with the Unique Home Builder staff and the way they have treated me over the past year. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know buying a home. The quality of workmanship really shows in my house. I couldn't be happier!!!
By: Danny
August 2016
Dealing with Jordan in the home warranty department has made fixing any issues seamless. Represents good customer service and was always helpful when called upon. House is built with care and quality with minimal warranty issues to deal with. Minor compared to other builders in the area. We speak highly of our home and love it. Thank you to Unique and keep up the good work, goes a long way to new home buyers and possibility of repeat customers.
By: Theo
August 2016
Pleasant and informative. My concerns are met quickly. The lines of communication are open, welcome to call any time.I felt they were understanding.
By: Chris
August 2016
The Unique team was extremely accommodating to our tight timeline and made our buying experience a great one. I will definitely consider Unique for our next home and will most definitely recommend them to others.
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